Swabalamban is a charitable trust registered under of Indian Trust Act 1982. The main objective of the trust is embedded in the name i.e. Swabalamban – to become self reliant. The aim is to develop a power within the marginalized communities and vulnerable people so that they can raise their voice and avail of their rights.

Swabalamban aims to be such a support system and information centre that sheds light on their rights. It aims not only to provide solutions to their problems but also to empower them to reach their highest potential independently and with dignity. Swabalmaban’s major focus is on child and women empowerment. As these two groups which are the cornerstones of a nation stand today as the most abused and exploited groups in the country.

The aim of Swabalamban is not to increase the number of beneficiaries day by day without any output, but to support the individual till they become self reliant may it be women or children. Therefore, Swabalamban aims at supporting a fixed number of women and children till they become thriving self- reliant individuals. Besides, Swabalamban tries to sensitize the beneficiaries to give back more to the society by helping more and more people.

Target Group:

The target group of Swabalamban are the children and the women belonging to the most disadvantaged sections of the society and mainly comprise of migrants from the nearby states of Delhi who have shifted base to the Capital in search of livelihood.  They are engaged in occupations like rag-picking, vegetable vending, house painting, cart-pulling and working as domestic helps, who caught in the constant struggle to earn a decent amount every day to feed their large families, do not have the time and the inclination to think about their children’s education or welfare.  The women of the house, on the other hand, have to pitch in to supplement the family income alongside taking care of the house as also face persistent domestic abuse. Their aspiration of leading a good and healthy life is greatly compromised.