Swabalamban is a charitable trust registered under Indian Trust Act.  The main objective of the trust is come out from the name i.e. Swabalamban – to become self reliant.  The aim is to develop a power within the community marginalized and vulnerable people so that they can raise voice against the crimes.

Like-minded individuals with a passion to bring about change have come together to make a difference. There has been no positive change in the socio- economic status of vulnerable groups despite of several agencies working in this field. What might be the missing element? Even though, the government has passed several beneficial schemes to help people enjoy their rights, but these are not reaching the beneficiaries.  There is a wide gap between the planning and the implementation of these schemes. In reality, the benefits of some schemes are being enjoyed by the privileged classes rather than those for whom they are designed. In the long run, this will only stall the development of our country. There is an immediate need to promote self- reliance amongst these groups so that they may be able to solve their problems on their own and manage their own lives effectively. Swabalamban aims to be such a support system and information center that sheds light on their deserved rights. It aims not only to provide solutions to their problems but also to empower them to reach their highest potential independently and with dignity.

Swabalmaban aims at child and women empowerment. These two groups which are the cornerstones of a nation stand today as the most abused and exploited groups in the country. Primarily because they don’t have a voice to raise their social, economic, physical, emotional and spiritual concerns. There is an enormous amount of lip service being granted to their rights. However its time they know how to demand rather than beg for what is rightfully theirs. These essentially include the right to survival, right to development, right to participation and right to protection.

The aim of Swabalamban is not to increase the number of beneficiaries day by day without any output, but to support the individual till they become self reliant may it be women or children. Therefore, Swabalamban aims at supporting a fixed number of women and children till they become thriving self- reliant individuals. Besides, Swabalamban tries to sensitize the beneficiaries to give back more to the society by helping more and more people.