It was a stimulating experience for the children on November 11, 2017 when they visited Heritage Transport Museum near Manesar and came face to face with the scintillating collection of vintage modes of transport including the ‘Bagghis’, palanquins and also a World War II airplane!!

Puppet show at Swabalamban on cleanliness as espoused in the Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan. Repeatedly sensitizing the children on one of the most important aspects of their life through a visually powerful medium often generates a more positive effect. This was the premise of organising it.

Chilren work with different mediums as part of their art & craft workshop every week be it blow or thread painting which exposed them to an interesting form of expression. Or for that matter etching their impression of a haunted house with oil pastels. Here’s a dekko at what their art looked like.

Creating folding octopuses was the first fun activity at our new premises, which all the kids enjoyed thoroughly. This activity enhanced their excitement level considering that summer holidays is a time to indulge in a variety of interesting hobbies. The result was a spattering of quirky octopuses in different shapes and colours.

Children’s first brush with blow painting was both interesting and hilarious with the younger ones blowing hard to create imagery and the older ones trying to control their breaths to do the same. All in all a very exciting class for them.

Picture Perfect Pose!! 3-year-old Ishan was delighted with his toy car that he refused to get down from it.

The colourful blocks stretched the imagination of the children to create a Rocket Launchpad, the Tallest Skycraper and a “badawala ghar”.

The kids worked with paper this time to create a bouquet of sweet memories as part of their art and craft project.

There is more to CDs than just listening and watching. The ones who have been rendered useless can be brought to life through interesting ideas and execution. Our children once again proved that if guided properly, they can do wonders with their mind and hands. The end result was a bright and eye-catching collage of dogs and elephants!!!

Hailing the rainy season in their own way. Colourful representation of monsoon in various hues by our children.

Threading beautiful designs
Armed with oodles of talent and a keen eye for fine details as well as dextrous fingers, the women undertaking training in stitching & designing as part of Project Roshni have come out with breathtaking threadwork. The following pix reflect the immense hardwork and effort gone into making these exquisite designs. Our focus is to translate this creativity into livelihood sustainability so that they can supplement their family comes. It’s our request to individuals and organisations to support them through purchase orders. They can be personalised and customised as per any specfic design/request.

Activity which our Kids had Made

The children of our centre heartily welcomed the volunteers of LSR NSS cell who would be teaching and interacting with them to help build their self-esteem as well as being a great value addition to our projects.