The main objective of the programme is to make the children capable i.e. Saksham by enhancing their knowledge and education. Education is the only weapon to eradicate all the social evils of the society and children are the future of the nation. For a healthy nation we have to channelize our children in a healthy way. Despite of several government schemes, policies; the abuses and exploitation against child are increasing day by day. It is the right of the children to avail free and quality education and quality nutrition, but the children are fail to get this. Swabalamban’s aim is not only to provide quality facilities, but make them aware about their rights to get it. All children have the rights to enjoy all their rights like right to development, right to survival, right to participation and right to protection.

All the children should have the space to enjoy their rights.  Unfortunately, In India majority of the population are unaware of the child rights and as a result the children are the victims of abuses and exploitation. The programme Saksham is designed to provide better education and other better facilities in all respects which all the children of the nation deserves to get irrespective of their caste, grid, sex and religion. Swabalmaban provides free academic support to the children who are the victims of all social abuses  Swabalamban also aims to generate awareness amongst the children, parents and the community on child rights through different activities, workshop and awareness programmes.